Holiday gifts for customers


  • Giving holiday gifts to customers is an ideal way to thank them for their business.
  • Client gifts can promote your business.
  • There are many options to choose from with holiday gifts for customers.

The holiday season is, unbelievably, already here. Time to say thank you to your customers and let them know you appreciate their business. A particularly effective way to do this is by giving holiday gifts. When customers receive a present from your company, they’re likely to feel valued and more apt to speak highly of your business.

Benefits of giving customers gifts

It can be a wise business move to give customers holiday gifts. Here are several good reasons to be generous with your clients this year.

  • Convey warmth. Gifts are an ideal way to show clients you see them as people. Taking the time to get them a present sends a message of genuine warmth and friendliness.
  • Help extend the relationship. Meaningful gifts can lead to feelings of trust and loyalty. This is a good way to encourage a long-term relationship with clients.
  • Reward your customers. The fact is you wouldn’t be in business without your customers. Giving your clients holiday gifts shows gratitude and honors the work they’ve given your company.
  • Promote your business. Branded and promotional gifts offer an opportunity to advertise your company and its offerings. Even if you don’t include your company name on the gift, the clients will still think of you and your business when they use the present.

How to determine gift recipients

Whether you give gifts to all customers or just some of them will depend on the nature of your services and how much business you’ve received from each client.

“If your company has a high volume of clients, you probably can’t realistically offer a gift to each customer,” says Bill Cahill, president of Beacon Plumbing. “I recommend that you take care of your largest clients, your most active referral partners, and the most loyal customers with whom you have long-standing and personal relationships.”

Choosing the ideal client gifts

Selecting the perfect gifts for clients can be a bit challenging. While you want to keep things professional, you also want to make a lasting impression.

“The key is to splurge on quality manufactured goods, even if it’s just swag, to let your customers know that while it might not be the Hope Diamond, your intention is to give them something of value with longevity,” states Cahill. “Often something of a practical or enjoyable nature that you can brand with your name works well.”

Here are some ideas for holiday gifts that go the distance. All of these items can include your company name and contact information.

A high-quality water bottle brand will cost you, but they’ll last forever and are likely to be used.

  • Insulated water bottles. “A high-quality water bottle brand will cost you, but they’ll last forever and are likely to be used,” says Cahill.
  • Reusable shopping bags. “On the West Coast where we’re located, many municipalities have bans on single-use plastic bags, so reusable bags are gifts that get used. I’ve had many customers tell me they really appreciate them,” says Cahill.
  • Umbrella. “We’re located in Seattle, so a collapsible umbrella that someone can easily throw in the car is always welcome,” he says.
  • Auto sunshades. If you live in an area that gets a lot of sun in the summer months, a sunshade is appreciated.
  • Calendar. A tasteful wall or desk calendar is a gift that many recipients are likely to find useful.

Should you play favorites with gifts?

While you want to be careful when giving “better” gifts to select customers, since gifts are often shared in conversations and on social media, Cahill believes there are times when it makes sense to give some clients more extravagant gifts than others.

“If a referral partner sent you $100,000 in business this year, there’s no problem buying them a nice office kitchen appliance or catering lunch for their entire team,” says Cahill. “I’ve been on the receiving end of such thoughtful gestures, and they’re definitely appreciated.”

If you do happen to gift something unique and more expensive than you’re giving to other customers, Cahill suggests telling the client that you “went a little overboard” and to please keep that fact on the down-low.

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