6 ways to market your (construction) business better

You know that your business is stellar. You just need to get the word out so that potential customers have the same epiphany. Unfortunately, the options in terms of marketing seem nearly endless—and they can be overwhelming.

No worries. This guide gives you tips on how to promote your construction company so you can create a blueprint for success.

1. Highlight your specialties.

“In order to market your company well, it’s vital that you make your core competencies known,” says Jason Morgan, president of Tacoma SEO Company, a marketing consultant to businesses in construction as well as other industries.

“Rather than focusing on all of your capabilities, highlight your strengths,” says Morgan. “Doing this will make your company stand out among your competition.”

“What you do well is often tied to where you make the most money or the type of work you enjoy the most,” says Morgan. “If you’re a whiz with custom stair railings, for instance, make that known. Your area of specialty could end up being a deal-maker.”

Of course, you want to include all of your company’s capabilities on your website and in your marketing materials. Just avoid advertising your business as a “jack-of-all-trades” as it tends to water down your message.

2. Create an awe-inspiring portfolio.

Construction is a visual trade. Separate your company from the competition by showcasing your work with jaw-dropping visual documentation.

“Treat your portfolio the same way realtors do when they display homes on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service),” says Morgan. “Take the same level of care to photograph your job sites. For instance, ensure that photos show every possible angle of the upgrades you made during a remodel. Hire a professional photographer to do a photo shoot of the custom home your company conceptualized, designed and built.”

3. Spring for a professional website.

It’s becoming easier and easier to make your own website, but this isn’t the time to go DIY. The best way to catch the attention of potential customers is to consult with a professional website builder.

A pro can ensure your website looks incredible and functions seamlessly. Ensure that the website builder is also skilled at SEO so that your site can be readily found through search.

4. Incentivize sources of business.

Pros with whom you work in the trade, such as subcontractors and vendors, can be lucrative sources of business. Keep your new work funnel full by creating a strong referral system. Encourage referrals by paying a generous finder’s fee or commission when a job is paid out.

5. Be ultra-responsive with leads.

Develop a reputation for quickly and professionally responding to each and every lead you receive. Not only does it give you more chances to find well-paying work, but it also proves to anyone who may refer you that you take leads seriously. This will spur even more referrals. (And if you offer incentives to referring customers, even better.)

“You’d be surprised at how many of our clients have secured great jobs from simply following up on leads,” says Morgan. “Sometimes, it’s showing up that separates you from your competitors.”

6. Display your brand whenever and wherever possible.

Brand recognition is vital to successful marketing efforts. The more you display your business name and logo, the better the chances a potential customer will remember your company when they want a job done.

Prominently display your company name and logo every chance you get. Make it readily evident in all email and written correspondence, as well as on your website and through office signage. Add wraps to company vehicles and job-site trailers. Also, require all personnel to wear shirts featuring the logo and company name.

Sign up. Stay fueled.