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8.20.2018 #fuelme | TX labor shortage stunts post-Harvey builds, The Spiral biggest construction start of July, Hilton builds SF’s first modular hotel

Here’s a quick glance around the web, bringing you a taste of the news you need to know this week.


Post-Harvey building slowed down by labor shortage.

This harsh-but-true article from the Dallas News on Saturday describes how the rebuilding of homes has been slower and less lucrative for contractors due to a lack of skilled labor in Texas. One of the expensive side-effects of the high work load and tight labor market, such as unskilled labor moving in and causing errors, is apparently flummoxing contractors, and some lower-income homes aren’t being rebuilt at all.

All but five U.S. states added construction jobs in past year.

In the midst of Texas’s labor shortage problems, the state added 57,600 construction jobs between July 2017 and July 2018. In fact, 45 states added construction jobs in that time period, The Association of General Contractors reports, with Texas, California, Florida, and Georgia topping the list.

Manhattan’s The Spiral was the highest-value U.S. construction start in July.

The Hudson Yards office tower The Spiral was at the top of ConstructConnect’s list of highest-valued new starts of last month. With a current value of $3.2 billion, it’s not hard to see how it took that slot. The tower, for which Pfizer has signed on as the flagship tenant, will be wrapped in landscaped terraces winding around its facade, hence its name. The air rights for the building alone cost the developer $265 million.

Hilton brings San Francisco its first modular-built hotel.

Hilton’s new Home2Suites hotel north of the San Francisco airport will be a modular building. A staging ceremony for delivery of the modular components was held last Wednesday, and the hotel is slated to open in early 2019. Hilton joins Marriott and other hotel companies on the modular front.

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