8.06.2018 #fuelme | Lack of young workers spurs on labor shortage, Construction employs highest number in decade, AI could bring building into the future

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Fewer young workers is creating more severe labor shortages.

A report released in late July by BuildZoom really digs into the data, and it says it all: in the states in which the housing bust dealt a serious blow to the construction business, young workers stopped joining the construction workforce—and this has had a ripple effect that lasted beyond the bust, which has caused a greater overall labor shortage in those locales. Two possible factors: a decline in high school and college-level vocational courses since 2005, and a lack of encouragement from slightly older friends and relatives to bring the next wave of high school grads into the field.

On the bright side, construction’s employment number is at highest in 10 years.

A new AGC report reveals that construction has reached its highest employment figure since 2008, and that the industry added jobs at three times the rate of the economy as a whole over the past year. What’s more: the unemployment rate in construction is the lowest its been since this report began in 2000. AGC officials noted, however, that the current shortage of available workers is leading firms to hire even fewer people.

AI and smart construction could be around the corner.

Artificial intelligence could bring us smart construction, which would mean predictive maintenance and other types of machine learning, reports ForConstructionPros.com. Other types of smart construction on our near horizon, according to ArchDaily: sustainable building with greener materials, responsive buildings that react to their human inhabitants, and buildings and bridges made of carbon fiber or polymer or natural materials that are lighter than concrete and don’t degrade in the same way, making them safer.

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