11.19.2018 #fuelme | TX school built on bones, FL restaurant caught with drill, Autodesk touting blockchain for construction

Here’s a quick glance around the web, bringing you a taste of the news you need to know this week.


Mass grave found during Texas school construction.

A Sugar Land, TX school has halted construction after the discovery of a mass grave. Sugar Land came by its name in an ugly way, as former slaves were once forced to work the sugar plantations there. A county judge said he wanted an investigation after 95 bodies were found just a few feet under the surface of the site for a new Fort Bend District school.

New use for construction drill?

A South Florida restaurant was ordered closed by inspectors last Thursday when a worker was discovered using a construction drill to blend batter in the kitchen. Unfortunately for the restaurant, using construction equipment in a restaurant is considered dangerous and unsanitary—but they get an ‘A’ for innovation.

Construction falls prey to phishing emails using DocuSign as lure.

Construction was one of the five industries to receive the most alerts from eSentire about potential cyberattacks last quarter, according to a new report by the detection and response provider. Construction, marketing and education also experienced the largest number of phishing attacks—e.g., when an email purports to be completing a transaction for a service rendered to you but is actually just an imposter trying to gather your data. Most of the attacks construction fell prey to involved DocuSign—so construction office workers beware.

Construction software giant Autodesk hints at a future in blockchain

It’s possible that we’ll be seeing some kind of blockchain product coming from AEC software titan Autodesk in the future. Why? The company’s CEO made favorable comments about blockchain—the system used by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to track digital transactions—at their conference in Vegas this month, saying that he thought the system could help reduce corruption and improve trust in an industry where many millions of dollars are sometimes changing hands in a not-very-upfront way.

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