Simplicity is the Key to Winning More Business


  • The quest for simplicity is not new.
  • People will pay more for services that don’t require a lot of effort on their part.
  • Make it simple for people to choose your services and do business with you.

Business thought leaders started trumpeting the value of simplicity at least a decade ago. Today, many are convinced that simplicity is an important way to bolster customer satisfaction and attract new customers. The speed of change keeps increasing, and people are bombarded with too much needless information while having lots of easy ways to get the information they do need. They want simplicity. That makes simplicity the key to winning new business, even in construction.

It Turns Out that Effort Is Highly Valued

When Wells Fargo asked attendees at “The Return on Simplicity: Getting an “A” for Effortless”  webinar if they’d ever abandoned a brand or customer service experience because it was too complicated, almost 90 per cent said yes. Loyalty research, cited in the webinar, showed that 96 per cent of customers quit doing business with a company solely because the relationship required too much effort on their parts. And, when the Corporate Executive Board (now CEB) started looking at loyalty research, it found there was very little difference in customer loyalty whether you met customer expectations or exceeded them.

More defining, a Global Brand Simplicity Index reported that a majority of customers would pay more for simpler experiences. In effect, customers value business relationships that don’t require a lot of effort.

You might think that construction, with its capital intensive, long-term, and complex projects would be the last place simplicity would matter. But think again.

Complex Projects Don’t Need Client Complexity

Sure, construction projects will continue to be complex. But that doesn’t mean the customer experience cannot be simple.

And why shouldn’t it be? Like everybody else, construction owners don’t want to deal with complexities. They just want their projects delivered on time and on budget. So, even construction companies can start asking a new question when thinking about how they manage their customer relationships. How can we simplify and take complexity out of our customer processes?

Simplicity gives you a competitive advantage because:

— It makes it easy for people to do business with you.

— Potential customers quickly see the value you offer.

— Current customers speak highly of you.

Here are some tips for simplifying the experiences your customers and potential customers have with your construction business.

Start and End with Effortless Decisions

Make deciding easy. Researchers found that people want easy decisions. So, making it easy for your potential clients to gather relevant information about your construction services is the very first place to focus. That means if they have to spend more than just a few seconds on your website figuring out if you provide the service they are looking for, they’ll probably move on.

If they can’t easily find and quickly view examples of your work, you’ll end up in the “maybe column,” to which they’ll probably never return. If they have to search for how to contact you, they won’t.

Then, extend simplicity to your sales process and beyond. Deliver accurate estimates and proposals, quickly. Offer a single point of contact for everything.

Simplify reporting so clients don’t have to wade through irrelevant information. Keep meetings informative, accurate, relevant, and as short as possible.

Simplify your quality program so you track metrics at the highest level. Then, commit to reviewing your customer processes regularly, so you can ruthlessly cut complexity.

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