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Tax tips from an expert

Tax day may seem far away now, but it always sneaks up quickly. The sooner you do some tax planning, the more easily tax season will go for you and your company.

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Net zero building: The wave of the future?

As the concern over the cost and availability of nonrenewable energy heightens and sustainable building technology improves, moving to net zero energy building has become inevitable.

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Holiday gifts for customers

The holiday season is, unbelievably, already here. Holiday gifts are a particularly effective way to say ‘thank you’ to customers.

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What’s Your Company’s Credit Score?

Just as FICO assigns a number to reflect your personal creditworthiness, your business is also rated. If you want to grow your business, you should take a close look at your company credit score.

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Should You Buy That Construction Business?

It can be a boon to buy an existing construction company and avoid the “dirty work” of getting a new one started—but don’t forget you’re also inheriting someone else’s headaches.

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Should You Bring on a Business Partner?

The daily grind of running a construction company may prompt you to think about forming a business partnership. Joining forces has clear advantages, but but partnership isn’t for everyone.

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5 Ways to Find Cash for Your Business

Whether your business is waiting out a slow time of year, expanding operations, or looking to invest in equipment, you may need some extra cash to float you through.

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