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A State of the Unions address

Labor unions took another hit recently when the Brotherhood of Carpenters broke with BCTC of Greater New York to form its own agreement with the Hudson Yards developer.

Geek Out

The Small Business Guide to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a common method of storing data and accessing software for a business of any size. Using cloud services frees revenue to invest in other business needs.

Geek Out

The No-Panic Doxing Response

As with many things, the Internet has made it easy for bad actors to find your information online and publish it to the world, a.k.a. “doxing”. Here’s how to avoid it.

Wise Thoughts

Close encounters of the wild kind

Sometimes new construction comes head to head with local residents, and they aren’t always homo sapiens. State regulations may be lax, but private companies can do their part.

What the Health

Working with diabetes

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly 10 percent of the U.S. population has diabetes. Can someone with diabetes can work? What rights and responsibilities does an employer have?

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