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How to set up a company-wide giving program

The holiday season often brings out our giving spirits. While it’s important to volunteer and make donations this time of year, setting up a company-wide philanthropy program will bring year-round benefits.

What the Health

3 signs your job site is unsafe

While falls, electrical issues, and not using proper protective gear are common safety risks, some hazards run much deeper. Watch for these three signs your job site is unsafe.

Geek Out

What’s New in Solar?

California will be requiring new home construction to include solar, and many other states have enacted laws to encourage the adoption of solar—creating new opportunities for construction companies.

What the Health

5 Ways to Make Your Job Site Fireproof

According to a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) report, fires in structures under construction can cause $172 million in property damage. Here are some tips to keeping your project site fireproof.

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