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Real hardwood floors—a new way

Stellar Flooring has come up with a new way of laying hardwood floors, for floors that they say will last a lot longer—and are easier to clean or repair.

What the Health

6 great road trips to take now

The manic days of summer are over, along with big crowds at natural spots, crazy drivers blaring loud bass, and blazing temps. It’s a great time for a road trip.

Geek Out

Automating construction

The AP reports on the robots and drones contractors are employing to speed up construction, even as they keep the same number of human laborers on site.

Geek Out

Alien construction

Not everything you see on the big screen is CGI. Watch a time-lapse video of the elaborate set-building done for the movie Alien: Covenant, released in May 2017.

What's Up

Is ICF the answer to natural disasters?

Some wine country home owners whose homes were devastated by the wild fires last fall are choosing to rebuild using ICF, or Insulated Concrete Forms. But is ICF really indestructible?

What's Up

Academy of Craft Training 2018

Alabama’s Academy of Craft Training, just two years old, is seeing high schoolers through basic construction training as paid interns and into jobs in the construction industry.

What's Up

Watch a Bridge Go Up in SoCal

Los Angeles-based construction photographer Tara Ann Garner captured the building of the new Poema Bridge in Chatsworth, a Southern California community about 30 miles northwest of L.A.

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