Who are the people behind FUEL?

We’re a bunch of word-toting construction junkies who build articles and drill into the details of construction. We’re pretty obsessed with the industry and all the people in it. While we aren’t stalkers, we do try to closely follow everyone and everything that happens in construction. So if you see us following you, don’t call the police, okay?

Here’s our funky little team of Bob the Builder wanna-be’s:

Funky Fuel Team

Why did we build this site?

Well, to start, we’re those kids that were fascinated with Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs. And frankly, we care about our future. We know that this industry is loaded with rock stars who deserve recognition and respect. Plus, construction is cool. And we need to show these young whippersnappers that a job in our industry comes with a good salary, a solid skillset, and a lifetime of pride from years of hard work and professional mastery.


Consider this site our fan site for construction.

Sports has thousands of websites dedicated to teams, players, organizations. Well, our site is kinda’ like that… just for construction.

Jump in. Read about cool, challenging, difficult projects from companies big and small. See who’s leading the industry in different verticals, and grow your knowledge base. Plus, share this with the people you’re sweating out there with. This way you’ll have tons more to talk about when you are framing that house or laying a foundation.