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Real hardwood floors—a new way

Stellar Flooring has come up with a new way of laying hardwood floors, for floors that they say will last a lot longer—and are easier to clean or repair.

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Pressures rise for homebuilders as rates hit 7-year high

Homebuilders took a beating Thursday as rising interest rates and home prices discourage potential buyers.

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10.15.2018 #fuelme | Hurricane rebuilding in Fla., Foster kids recruited into trades, Tariffs hike costs, Cyberattackers target construction

Hurricane may mean looser licensing in Florida, foster kids recruited into trades, tariffs likely to blame for rising costs, cyberattackers target construction

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Purging long-forgotten online accounts: Worth the trouble?

The internet is riddled with long-forgotten accounts on social media, dating apps, and shopping sites. But is it possible to delete all your zombie online footprints—or worth the time?

What's Up

10.1.2018 #fuelme | Construction spend creeps up, Hawaii boom lasts, Natural fibers tried in concrete, World’s richest carpenter

Public works spending up in August, Hawaii construction boom goes on, Germans test natural fibers in concrete, and world’s richest carpenter hides the news.

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Facebook wants people to invite its cameras into their homes

Facebook is launching the first electronic device to bear its brand, a screen and camera-equipped gadget called Portal intended to make video calls easier and more intuitive.

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Bat signal: Fireflies’ glow tells bats they taste awful

Scientists wanted to find out if lightning bug’s signature blinking glow was not just a mating call but also a glaring signal to predators, like bats, that fireflies taste bad.

What the Health

Feline and hen become fast fire friends

A cat seeking refuge from a raging Northern California wildfire found a fine-feathered friend as it awaited rescue from the heat and flames.

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